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Hyundai to Stop Making Diesel Versions of Four Models

(image: Hyundai Motor)

(image: Hyundai Motor)

SEOUL, Aug. 9 (Korea Bizwire)Hyundai Motor said Thursday it will stop production of diesel versions of four car models due to weak sales.

The diesel models of the midsize Sonata, compact i30, full-size Grandeur and sport utility vehicle Maxcruz will no longer be manufactured as of Friday, and only those remaining in stock will be sold, the automaker said.

Total sales of the diesel Grandeur and diesel Sonata last year stood at just 6 percent and 2 percent of their gasoline versions. For the i30 and Maxcruz, their overall sluggish sales made it inefficient to produce diesel models, according to corporate sources.

Diesel cars are sold at a higher price but have an advantage in fuel efficiency resulting in low fuel costs. Nevertheless, customers have turned more to hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars for eco-friendly choices.

“The global preference has been moving towards eco-friendly vehicles due to rising oil prices and environmental regulations, leading to our decision to reduce the production of diesel models,” one official said.

He stressed, however, that Hyundai and its sister Kia Motors Corp., the flagships of Hyundai Motor Group, do not have any plans to suspend all diesel car production.


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