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Ice Popsicles Help Animals Survive Scorching Summer Heat


GWANGJU, Jul. 31 (Korea Bizwire)The management office of Uchi Park in Gwangju has begun to restore the vitality and energy of animals exhausted by the sweltering heat.

Veterinarians and zookeepers at the park’s zoo have been offering customized summer survival diets considering animal characteristics since Monday when heat wave warnings were issued.

Asian elephants, prone to losing steam in the heat, are given cold-water showers and offered ice snacks with frozen apples, bananas and pineapples as a special treat.

In particular, the park is providing extra special care by installing and operating air-cooling equipment on one side of the zoo to help the animals cool down.


Siberian tigers and Bengal tigers, prone to heat exhaustion, are given ice popsicles with beef and chicken inside as a special treat.

“Due to the summer’s scorching heat, which animals cannot tolerate, animals are losing weight. In addition, in the summer, animals’ immune systems are weakened as they do not consume much,” said Choi Woo-chul, head of the Uchi Park Management Office.

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