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Korea Develops New Braille Information Instrument

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SEOUL, June 15 (Korea Bizwire) – The Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled revealed Tuesday the development of a Braille information instrument called ‘Neo Braille’.

The new Braille information instrument is a portable data communications device that comes with a Braille keyboard, Braille display, and a speaker, designed to help the visually impaired to write documents and conduct web searches. 

The device was presented at the International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference in San Diego, and received contract offers from 10 countries including France and the UK.

Neo Braille was a part of agency’s ‘assistive technological equipment support projects’, which took off in 2006 and have been responsible for the development of 28 assistive devices since.

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Image Credit: Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled / photonews@koreabizwire.com

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