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Korean Farmers Grow Giant Strawberries

(image: Chungcheongnam-Do Agricultural Research & Extension Services)

(image: Chungcheongnam-Do Agricultural Research & Extension Services)

NONSAN, South Korea, Jan. 10 (Korea Bizwire) – Two strawberry farms in Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province, have been harvesting giant strawberries dubbed “King’s Berries”. 

The farmers started cultivating the fruit in September after completing a pilot project in 2015. The large berries weigh about 30 grams each, and are twice as large as typical strawberries, even bigger than an average-sized egg. 

The average sugar content in the berries is about 9.8 degrees Brix, higher than usual strawberries that normally come in between 9.3 to 9.6 degrees Brix.   

The giant berries are juicier, and have a subtle scent of peach, officials said.



Image Credit: Yonhap / photonews@koreabizwire.com

3 thoughts on “Korean Farmers Grow Giant Strawberries

  1. Felipe Rey

    This is Felipe Rey, comercial manager of Viveros Campiñas SCA in Spain, we grow strawberry and raspberry plants

    Is it a Corean variety? Can we get plants to test them with our customers in South Spain and Morroco?

    Thanks in advance and best regards

  2. Juan Guijarro


    This is Juan Guijarro from the spanish company VIVEROS CALIFORNIA, one of the largest strawberry nurseries in Europe. What is the name of the variety? Is is from Korea? We would be interested in testing this variety in some of the mediterranean countries where we work.

    Thanks and regards,

  3. Andrew

    Andrew from Bukadde Magezzi Farm, the leading fruit and vegitable farn in Uganda. We are intrested in testing this variety over here in East Africa.


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