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Medicine from Heaven: Hamyang Wild Ginseng Festival Opens

sam2HAMYANG, July 30 (Korea Bizwire)-It is hard not to get drained in the continuously hot and humid weather. Many seek foods that can give them stamina. If you go to Hamyang, you can discover the medicine from heaven,wild ginseng.

The 12th Annual Hamyang Wild Ginseng Festival will be held from July 30 to August 3. Those who visit can taste wild cultivated ginseng, a type of ginseng that is grown in the wild. Most of the ginseng plants found near Beakwoon Mountain are over 10 years old, and those over 25 years old can also be found.


Even though the seedsare planted, the ginseng is grown in the wild. The plants might not be big as cultivated ones, but they are known to be an effective antitumor agent.

Kim, who has been growing wild cultivated ginseng for the past six years, proudly speaks of his produce. “Qin Shi Huang is said to have come all the way down to Hamyang to get wild cultivated ginseng. That is how good it is. The wild cultivated ginseng from Hamyang is a medicine given from heaven.”


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