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Muhak Liquor Museum a New Shrine for Alcohol Lovers


CHANGWON, Sept. 3 (Korea Bizwire)Muhak, a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, announced that it has opened a new shrine to liquor called the Good Day Museum. The museum holds 3,000 different types of liquor from 120 countries.

It being the largest liquor museum, officials from Muhak say that the value of alcoholic beverages combined with the construction costs for the building will easily result in total expenditures of over five billion won.


Officials noted that the museum holds some rare items. Spiriters, the strongest vodka from Poland, Jagwangek, which was called the wine of the Chinese emperor, and Belgian Trappist beer are a few of the beverages that are exhibited.

However, the largest exhibit is devoted to soju, the Korean classic. Of note, the museum exhibits the 90 years of history related to Muhak’s production of soju.


The museum also has exhibits explaining the origins and types of liquor and  culture, as well as the history of alcoholic beverages all over the world.

Over 2,000 people visited the museum when a sneak peak was given to the public in July. Muhak will open the museum for free to visitors that make reservations beforehand.


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