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New York MakerBot Retail Store Offers First-Ever 3D Printed Cloud Collection – Decorative 3D Printable Housewares by Francis Bitonti Studio

The MakerBot Stores in Boston, New York and Greenwich, Conn., will offer the Cloud Collection by Francis Bitonti Studio during the month of April. This is the first-ever 3D printable decorative housewares line by Francis Bitonti that can be purchased, downloaded and 3D printed in the MakerBot Store. For hours and information, visit (image: Andrew Tingle/ Bizwire)

The MakerBot Stores in Boston, New York and Greenwich, Conn., will offer the Cloud Collection by Francis Bitonti Studio during the month of April. (image: Andrew Tingle/ BuisinessWire)

NEW YORK, NY, April, 4, 2014 (Korea Bizwire)–The MakerBot® Retail Store in New York City is pleased to  announce the launch of the Francis Bitonti Studio Cloud Collection.  The first ever 3D printable decorative housewares line by the Francis  Bitonti Studio that can be purchased digitally, downloaded and 3D  printed. The Cloud Collection is scheduled to debut at the  MakerBot Store at 298 Mulberry Street in New York City at a special  launch event on Friday, April 4, from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., which is  open to the public. The Cloud Collection will also be available at  MakerBot’s other retail stores in Boston and Greenwich, Conn. To learn  more about the Cloud Collection at the MakerBot Store, visit  or call 347-457-5758.

The Francis Bitonti Studio Cloud Collection is one of the first  “factory in the cloud” concepts and is offered in partnership with  MakerBot and 3D Hubs. The New York MakerBot Store is the only location  in the world where customers can walk in and purchase a digital file for  a Cloud Collection item and then have it 3D printed right in the  store. The MakerBot Store will offer four of the Cloud Collection items:  a bowl, platter, serving bowl, and vase, which are all customizable by  the customer’s design preference. The MakerBot Store will offer the  Francis Bitonti Studio Cloud Collection exclusively for the month  of April.

“We’ve had an ongoing partnership with Francis Bitonti Studio for his  work in creating 3D printed dresses,” noted Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot.  “When Francis showed us his new Cloud Collection for the home and  told us his vision of having digital media available for consumers to  create physical products with 3D printing, we offered to have several of  the Cloud Collection pieces at the MakerBot Store for on-site 3D  printing and purchase. The MakerBot In-Store 3D Print Service enables  our customers to 3D print their own designs, so this is a great  extension to offer customers the opportunity to 3D print beautiful  houseware items that have been designed by a world-class designer. If  you are in New York City, Greenwich, Conn., or Boston, stop by the  MakerBot Store and check them out.”

The 3D printable home goods in the Francis Bitonti Studio Cloud  Collection range from decorative bowls and plates to vases. Each  item is customizable via the use of a sliding scale to adjust the look  of the piece. The digital files can be purchased directly from the  website or the MakerBot Store and then 3D printed through the MakerBot  In-Store 3D Print Service. Fees for the 3D printed items from the Cloud  Collection range from $75 to $100 for the finished product.

“We’re really excited to have created 3D printable products that are hackable, shareable and downloadable, which enables us to bring the consumer customizable, locally produced products on demand and without excess waste,” said Francis Bitonti. After 3D printing, the product can be picked up directly from a MakerBot Retail Store. All products are designed to be printed on a MakerBot® Replicator® 2 Desktop 3D Printer.

In addition to the Cloud Collection, which is available  exclusively at the New York City, Boston and Greenwich MakerBot Stores  for the month of April, the customizable and 3D printed Bristle Dress,  created in conjunction with Francis Bitonti Studio and his New Skins  Workshop, will also be on display at the New York City MakerBot Store.  To obtain store hours and directions, visit  or call 347-457-5758. To learn more about the Francis Bitonti Cloud  Collection and the New Skins Workshop, visit

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