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Pandemic Drives Demand for Nail Care and Hair Dyeing Items

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SEOUL, Nov. 26 (Korea Bizwire)For many South Korean women, who are known to have keen interest in caring about their appearance, visiting their regular beauty parlor or hair salon was considered as a common part of their beauty routine.

As the pandemic drags on, however, concern about infection in crowded places has prompted an increase in at-home beauty activities. This apparent shift in location for beauty activities has led to more demand for dyeing and nail care products.

This is because people have begun to pay attention to other parts of their body other than their face — wearing a mask makes it unnecessary to focus on the face — to express their individuality with their own unique beauty styles.

According to e-commerce giant Gmarket, whose parent company is Ebay Korea, sales of hair dye and bleach products for this year (Jan. 1-Nov. 19) rose by 11 percent and 30 percent, respectively, from a year earlier.

Sales of nail care items rose as well, with sales of nail polish and remover products up 10 percent and 15 percent, respectively, compared to last year.


Amorepacific Corp., South Korea’s largest cosmetics company, has seen sales of its popular Mise en Scene Hello Bubble hair dye jump a whopping 80 percent this year.

An official with the company said, “Going through this pandemic, more and more people opt to take care of beauty activities at home, including dyeing. So, the merit of ease of use seems to be of increasing importance these days.”

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