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Plastic Bottles Remade into Leggings and Bags

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SEOUL, March 11 (Korea Bizwire)Seoul’s city government and local fiber manufacturer Hyosung TNC Co. together released a series of apparel and bags produced in accordance with a plastic bottle recycling agreement.

They two entities released the ‘Love Seoul’ series that includes leggings and pleat bags made from PET-based fabric.

Seoul city collected plastic bottles from the Geumcheon, Yeongdeungpo, and Gangnam districts, which were sent to Hyosung TNC to make recycled polyester ‘Regen Seoul’. Merchandising was done by an eco-friendly fashion brand, Pleats Mama.

The ‘Love Seoul’ series can be found at a Pleats Mama store in the Hyundai Seoul department store and online.

Seoul city signed an agreement with Hyosung TNC and the three districts last January to create value added products by recycling plastic bottles.


Image Credit: Yonhap / Seoul Metropolitan Government /

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