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Girlish Kara Matures into Beautiful Ladies

Seoul, Korea, Sept 16 (Korea Bizwire) –  Even without taking their clothes off, K-Pop girl group Kara proved they are sexy enough to enthrall the whole audience. The  five-member girl group has come back with a title track “Damaged Lady” for the fourth album “Full Bloom.”

In the music video Damaged Lady–already available online, Kara cast off their trademark image of girlish and feminine and rather made their presence felt with their showy and charismatic performance. 

The title song “Damaged Lady” is a story about a woman, on the brink of breaking up with her boyfriend, who belts out her real heart rather bluntly, like, “Am I heartbroken, but what’s so funny, you guys?” or “Let the rain pour down, damn it.”

Watch the “new” Kara, who has successfully transformed themselves into mature, charismatic ladies dressed up in tuxedos.

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