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RDA to Cultivate Unique ‘Pumpkin Tunnels’ for the Summer

Pumpkin Tunnels (image credit: NIHHS)

Pumpkin Tunnels (image credit: NIHHS)

SEOUL, Korea, July 30 (Korea Bizwire) — The Rural Development Agency (RDA) announced that it will cultivate ‘pumpkin tunnels’ so that visitors can rest and avoid the heat during the summer vacation. The three ‘pumpkin tunnels,’ each 90 meters in length, will be named ‘Turkey Turban,’ ‘Ruby,’ and ‘Peculiarly Colored Pumpkins’ respectively, and will be designed by planting the same type of pumpkin among the 70 or so different types per section. Additionally, the RDA will be planting yellow, black, and red tomatoes along 15-meter-long tunnels to offer a different attraction for visitors to enjoy.

Besides the ‘pumpkin tunnels,’ the National Institute of Horticulture and Herbal Science (NIHHS), a research center within the RDA, will also open its exhibition greenhouse from 9 am to 6 pm to the public. By signing up with the NIHHS website (www.nihhs.go.kr), visitors can take the tour offered by expert guides, while individual or family walk-in visits are available during the weekends.

Oh Dae-min, team leader of the technical support team at NIHHS, said, ”By cultivating pumpkin tunnels and opening the exhibition greenhouse that are easily accessible from the city, we hope to offer an unique learning experience for children, and a chance for parents to reminisce their childhood during the summer vacation.”


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