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Restored Whaling Village Gains Popularity amid MERS Fear


ULSAN, July 2 (Korea Bizwire)The Whale Culture Town in Jangsaengpo, Ulsan, has attracted more than 20,000 visitors in less than two months after it was reopened on May 15. The attendance figures are particularly notable, as the results were achieved after the widespread outbreak of the MERS virus in Korea, and the whale village is expected to attract even more visitors in the future. The village restored an old whaling village from the 1970s when the whaling industry reached its peak.

Visitors can see not only see real images of the whaling industry, such as whaling tools, captains of whale-hunting ships, seamen and whale processing plants, but also experience old buildings from the late 1970s such as a school, restaurant, post office and barber shop. The admission fee is 1,000 won, and the village is open from Tuesday to Sunday.



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