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Rethink about Your “Animal Love”: Please Adopt not Buy Your Loyal Companion

SEOUL, Korea, Sep 05 (Korea Bizwire) –Lee Hyori, one of the most successful entertainer-turns-socialtainers, who has also grabbed our eyes with her recent marriage announcement, is famous for her relentless doing-good activities for social causes — especially for her compassionate campaigns to help the homeless and shelter dogs, who are rising in number as the households taking pets are on the rise of late.

The public has started to take much interest in her “more human faces” — not her “idol life” featuring a spectacular glamour. She has been downright straight about this “transformative” image change; Lee Hyori once said “Indeed, I had to say I was so arrogant because I was treated so differently”; “I even thought a guy driving a local-made automobile was a man of small account.”

Yes, Lee Hyori has gone through such astounding change — say, in good way. Her loyal pet dog named “Soon Shim” was actually adopted at a shelter house for abandoned dogs. She put her thought and sayings into real action and won over a growing number of fans for her good-will gestures.

As an animal-right activist, Lee Hyori staged various campaigns to that end which include voluntary supports at shelter houses for stray dogs, throwing a special bazaar event for helping abandoned dogs and writing essays encouraging the public to help companion animals — to promote awareness about the animal right, which stands still at the early stage in terms of global standard.

In factuality, Korean government has introduced a new stance over animal right protection — by changing publicly designated name for pets as “companion animals” in its giving more compassionate nuance into the naming. “Companion” is commonly used as referring to “my significant other, other half or better half” in South Korea.

As many as 100,000 animals per year are being abandoned and nearly half of the poor “companion of humans” are being killed — naturally or in mercy killing methods — in South Korea.

It is high time we should give a serious consideration to discussing how to bring a drastic change to the current human selfishness oriented social ills and bring in real love to our “companion” friends who have no choice but to rely on human supports to improve their right.

In this vein, animal adoption — especially adopting abandoned dogs — could be much compassionate and appropriate way to heal the pains suffered among the companion animals. Look around, there must be another abandoned dog is desperately waiting for a new owner at the narrow spaces at several shelter houses. Please think about carefully “buying” a new pet for you; go adopt and save the helplessly abandoned “companion” — so hurt and heartbroken already — who needs your educated and compassionate decision.

[Announcement] Kobiz Media, parent company of Korea Bizwire, is in full support of animal right activities — especially for raising awareness about the importance of adopting abandoned dogs and other “poor” animals. To this end, We have decided to offer to chip in with some portion of our revenue which will be donated to Korea’s renowned animal right protection groups. Please join us to give our helping hands to the ever-royal and truthful “companion” of our souls.

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