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Safety Drones to Patrol West Coast Mud Flats


BORYEONG, June 22 (Korea Bizwire)Unmanned drones will be sent to mud flats on the west coast of South Korea, where drastic flood and ebb tides pose a risk of accidents, to ensure human safety.

The Boryeong Coast Guard said Monday that it will deploy drones to manage safety across the region’s mud flats.

The drones carry speakers with recording functions that can broadcast safety announcements across distances that surpass wireless transmission.


Anyone within a 2-kilometer radius of the drone will be able to clearly hear messages broadcast from the drone’s speakers.

The issue of propeller noise drowning out the sound from the speakers has also been resolved.

“We’ve failed six times, managing to succeed on our seventh try to find the best speakers that drones can carry,” the Coast Guard said.

Image Credit: Boryeong Coast Guard /

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