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Samsung Guide Dog School Holds Rehoming Ceremony for Guide Dogs

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SEOUL, Sept. 21 (Korea Bizwire)Samsung Guide Dog School on Tuesday held a rehoming ceremony for eight guide dogs that were delivered to their visually-handicapped partners after completing training at a facility in Yongin, about 50 kilometers south of Seoul.

They will begin a career in earnest as guide dogs after being delivered to eight visually-impaired partners.

The guide dogs passed strict tests after going through a variety of training for two years, and will act as a virtual family, partner and set of eyes for their visually-impaired partners for about seven years.

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The rehoming ceremony was held concurrently with the retirement ceremony for six guide dogs that completed between six and eight years of service. The retired guide dogs will open a new chapter in their lives as pets.

The school, founded by Samsung Group, is the nation’s only guide dog training institution certified by the Britain-based International Guide Dog Federation and will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year.

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