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Samsung Sees Massive 300% Rise in Air Purifier Sales

Samsung Bluesky (Samsung Electronics)

Samsung Bluesky (Samsung Electronics)

SEOUL, Dec 26 (Korea Bizwire) – Sales of Samsung air purifiers from January to November 2014 increased by 300 percent from the same period last year, said Samsung Electronics on December 25. Samsung Electronics launched a large-sized air purifier dubbed “Blue Sky” this year to broaden its air purifier line-up. 

The company said that its air purifiers are doing well in the domestic market, as Korean customers are very aware of the recent issues concerning fine dust. It said that it will continue to release air purifying products more tuned into the needs of Korean customers.  

The Blue Sky purifier, with its triple HEPA filter system consisting of three fans and nine filters, can cover a space of up to 151㎡ quickly and effectively. Samsung reports that it can get rid of 99.9 percent of ultra fine particles up to the size of 0.02㎛. Its energy consumption efficiency rating is also ranked in the most efficient rating category. 

Another product from the line-up, the AX40H5000UWD, has a double-step air-purifying system. First, it removes bigger dust with its triple filter system, and then it cleanses fine dust, viruses, and bacteria with its ‘Virus Doctor’ system, Samsung’s incorporated super-plasma ion technology that eliminates allergens and harmful viruses that can cause airborne diseases. 

Samsung Electronics is currently holding a giveaway event for its air purifier products in Korea. Customers purchasing a Blue Sky purifier will receive a free AX40H5000UWD or an AY10H7000WQD  dehumidifier. Customers purchasing the AX40H5000UWD or AX20H5000NDD models will also be able to purchase filters at half price.

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