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Screenwriter Talks about Underlying Messages of ‘My Love from the Star’

“I used to write history drama screenplays before writing for contemporary dramas and at the time I read a passage in The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty that an unidentified flying object was witnessed in the sky 400 years ago, which piqued my interest. Since that time on, I have wanted to write a story about aliens with Korea as the background. Once I broached the idea in 2006, but it was totally ignored with one word ‘absurd.’”

“The funny and melodramatic scenes in My Love from the Star are too Korean. I find it strange how this drama attracted interest from foreign viewers.”

“The main theme of the latest conference was ‘Content Strategy for Dramas in the Age of Multi-platforms.’ In this age, it is inevitable for drama ratings to decline every year. Why would anyone patiently sit in front of the TV when she can watch the same thing on her smartphone or laptop screen? There are many things to think about as a screenwriter. But the most important is showing what’s essential. The most critical condition for screenwriter is show human value and the story of people that resonates with viewers.”

-Park Ji-eun, screenwriter of My Love from the Star


SEOUL, Oct. 17 (Korea Bizwire) – Park Ji-eun, the screenwriter, said, “The popular interest in My Love from the Star is not just because of its novel technique such as the flashy computer graphics. What’s more important was the message of communication and sacrifice.”

She also said, “Do Min-joon the alien is a lonely being and Cheon Song-yi is also a misfit who pretends to be outgoing. The two who thought they were the ones best in the whole universe end up loving with each other, I think that’s the message of this drama that struck a chord with the audiences who constantly suffer from loneliness and are thirsty of real communication with others.”

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