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Seoul City Hosts Korea Vegan Fair 2023


SEOUL, Aug. 9 (Korea Bizwire)The Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced its plan to host the Korea Vegan Fair 2023 at COEX, scheduled from Thursday to Saturday.

This year, the city government has participated as a co-organizer of the fair, aligning with its efforts to promote the adoption of a “vegan lifestyle” for the purpose of carbon reduction.

Within the duration of the fair, a total of 137 companies will be operating across 182 booths, showcasing an array of products.


These products will encompass vegan foods, ranging from alternative meat to vegetable desserts, as well as vegan cosmetics and clothing crafted from biodegradable fabrics.

The fair will also feature the participation of vegan-related startups that have been nurtured by both the Seoul Startup Hub and the Seoul Food Startup Center, offering them a platform to promote their products.

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