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Seoul District Installs Smart Air Showers to Tackle Fine Dust


SEOUL, June 4 (Korea Bizwire)Seoul’s Yeongdeungpo District announced Wednesday that smart Internet of Things (IoT) air showers have been installed at three locations including schools and elderly care facilities to filter fine dust.

Smart air showers are installed at building entrances to prevent fine dust from coming from outside.

The devices detect human movement in advance to remove ultrafine dust on the skin or clothes and cleans indoor air with its air purifying capabilities.


The district, after conducting a survey on air shower demand in March, selected three locations, including Mullae Elementary School and others, to install the air showers.

A 1 square-kilometer area centered on Mullae Neighborhood Park was designated as a fine dust hotspot in January due to heavy emissions from a nearby steel plant.

Image Credit: Yeongdeungpo District / Yonhap /

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