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Seoul Zoo Goes All-Out to Help Animals Survive Heat Wave

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SEOUL, July 27 (Korea Bizwire)Seoul Zoo, inside the Seoul Grand Park, just south of Seoul, held a special event on Tuesday to offer respite to its animals suffering from the sweltering summer heat.

For Siberian tigers, the park cooled down the water temperature of the swimming pool by floating large pieces of ice and also provided special food such as frozen chicken and cattle livers.

For Asian elephants that inhabit hot areas, figs and sugarcane were placed in the forest. The park said that the vitamins contained in fruits can help boost the immunity of elephants.

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The zoo provided live fish and watermelons to the family of Asiatic black bears and European brown bears. For Otaria seals and spotted seals, it offered live rockfishes.

The zoo also set up a space where animals can enjoy mud baths to help lower their body temperature and remove parasites attached to their bodies.

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