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Seoullo 7017 Urban Renewal Project Finally Complete


SEOUL, May 22 (Korea Bizwire) – Seoullo 7017, the city’s ambitious urban renewal project that transformed a 40-year-old overpass near Seoul Station into an eco-friendly sky bridge, finally opened to public on Saturday amid high anticipation, and some skepticism

The project was launched in 2014 when Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon announced plans for Seoul’s own version of Manhattan’s High Line Park. The name Seoullo 7017 was taken from the completion of the original overpass in 1970 and its rebirth in 2017. 


The 1,024-meter-long overpass, that is 10.3 meters wide, has been finally converted into a park full of green trees and flowers, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said. Some 24,000 flower and tree pots are lined up along the elevated park, while restaurants, flower shops, a library, marionette theater, benches and other facilities will provide convenience to citizens and tourists.  

At night, the park glows in blue with 555 LED lights and an additional 551 lamps attached to some of the plant pots.

“We expect Seoullo 7017 to be a new urban rest area that will be loved and appreciated by many citizens and tourists,” said a city official. “We also expect the influx of visitors to help revitalize businesses in the Seoul Station area.” 



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