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Sled Sales Spike as Coronavirus Shuts Down Ski Resorts

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SEOUL, Jan. 8 (Korea Bizwire)A growing number of South Koreans are purchasing sleds to ride with their children on steep hills near residential areas as the coronavirus has shut down ski resorts and other winter sport facilities.

Sled sales at Lotte Mart between December 21 and Wednesday of this week were 524 percent higher than last year.

Emart also saw an increase in sled sales by a factor of 3.6, selling a total of 2,188 sleds in the first six days of 2021.

Online shopping mall Gmarket saw a 54 percent increase in sled sales between December 24 and January 6.


Sales of snow duck makers and other snowball makers jumped by 1,890 percent.

On Wednesday, sleds were unavailable on e-commerce giant Coupang after a recent heavy snowfall led to a big spike in demand.

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