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South Chungcheong Prov. Creates Gigantic ‘Honey Source Forest’


SEOUL, Dec. 29 (Korea Bizwire)A honey source forest equivalent in size to the area of 4,700 soccer fields has been created in South Chungcheong Province.

The provincial government announced that it completed the first stage of the honey source forest creation and cultivation project it carried out from 2018 to this year.

The forest was created as part of efforts to support bee farms, which are having difficulty due to the decline in honey sources and climate change, as well as to maintain the honeybee-driven health of the natural ecosystem.


The forest covers an area of 33.8 million square meters. The provincial government has planted a total of 8.5 million trees over the past five years.

Starting next year, the provincial government plans to kick off the second stage of development, in which it will create a honey source forest with an area of 29.1 million square meters by 2027.

Image Credit: South Chungcheong Provincial Office / National Institute of Forest Science /

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