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Store Screens Tapped to Help Find Missing Children


SEOUL, July 3 (Korea Bizwire) – E-Mart 24, a South Korean convenience store chain operated by Shinsegae Group, announced on Thursday that it will make use of indoor screens installed at all stores to help find missing children. The goodwill campaign, starting this month, will be part of a collaboration with the National Police Agency.

There are more than 4,800 E-Mart 24 stores across the nation, and each one has a couple of screens including checkout monitors at the cash and digital signage. Via the screens, photos and other information regarding missing children will be displayed.


When it comes to missing children cold cases, no matter how often the children’s faces are displayed on the screen, you cannot tell what they might look like today, making the search campaign somewhat ineffective.

To address this problem, the campaign operator will use Artificial Intelligence technology that helps calculate the age progress a missing child has gone through so that the image on the screen will be a depiction of how the individual is expected to look in the present. The screen also will display family members’ messages.


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