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Sungkyunkwan University AI Robot Offers Academic Information to Students

(image: Sungkyunkwan University)

(image: Sungkyunkwan University)

SEOUL, Dec. 11 (Korea Bizwire)Sungkyunkwan University announced on Monday that it has introduced LIBO, an intelligent library robot that provides information on academic services at the university.

The robot was modeled on Furo-D, first designed by the Future Robot Company.

LIBO is capable of engaging in basic conversation, like exchanging greetings or asking about the daily menu at the school cafeteria.

The robot is designed to provide general information on the university, including school news, events, campus directions, and convenience facilities.

(image: Sungkyunkwan University)

(image: Sungkyunkwan University)

It also gives recommendations on books, as well as providing information on syllabuses, journals, academic associations and institutions.

“Our university will lead the age of smart campuses by changing the perception of libraries and delivering academic information more efficiently,” said Prof. Hyun Seon-hae, director of the Sungkyunkwan University Library.

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