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X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics Launches with ‘Beyond Skyline’ Movie Premiere

X-Spatial management and guests attend X-Spatial Technology Grand Launch and lighting ceremony. (image: X-Spatial)

X-Spatial management and guests attend X-Spatial Technology Grand Launch and lighting ceremony. (image: X-Spatial)


HONG KONG, Dec. 8 (Korea Bizwire) - X-Spatial Media Technology Ltd held the grand launch of its “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” technology with the movie premiere of “Beyond Skyline” at UA Cine Times, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong on 7 December 2016, indicating that such epoch-making audio optimization technology is officially available here, with the highest regard from Hollywood. “Beyond Skyline”, the first movie to use “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” technology in post audio production, is the sequel to the Hollywood-based science fiction movie “Skyline”, produced by Hydraulx Visual Effects, the same visual effects team in “Avatar” and “2012″. The use of “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” enriches the magnificent story and makes “Beyond Skyline” even more perfect and complete.

During the grand launch event, X-Spatial also signed cooperative agreements with Zhuijang Film & Media Corporation Limited (“Zhuijang Film”), the leading cinema group in China, FeeFaan Cultural Industry Group Limited (“FeeFaan Cultural”), the leading video production and marketing corporation, and Beijing Forbidden City Film Company Limited (“Beijing Forbidden City”), all to promote the installation of “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” in their cinemas chains and franchises in Southern China and Northern China, so as to expand the coverage of cinemas in the Mainland and comprehensively advance into market of the Greater China.

The grand launch attracted more than 300 guests to experience the revolutionary auditory feast personally, including leaders of movie-making industry in Hollywood and the Greater China like Mr. Liam O ‘Donnell, Director of Beyond Skyline; Ms. Maguy Cohen, Hollywood Film Producer; Mr. Matthew Chausse, Producer of Beyond Skyline and President of Mirabelle Pictures; Mr. Phillip Chausse, Executive Producer of Mirabelle Pictures; as well as representatives from cinemas, movie producers, movie issuers and investment sector, so that the place is bustling with joys and excitement.

“X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” is a revolutionary audio enhancement technology with Wizor technology as its foundation. It generates the best quality of acoustic experience for audience by breaking through the traditional restriction of turning sound into digital data and remedying the shortcomings of audio distortion. The traditional cinema audio system depends mainly on the configuration of the physical location of the speakers to imitate a three-dimensional surround sound field. Since the space between speakers is not seamlessly filled up, it is unable to realize an ideal 360-degree spherical full spectrum surround sound effect, leading to restriction of the “sweet spot”. However, the emergence of “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” solves such problem of the existing technology, allowing audiences to obtain 360-degree superlative audio-visual enjoyment like sitting at the “sweet spot” regardless of their location.

“X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” revolutionary audio performance is mainly carried by three layers of technology, namely Signal Recovery, Psychoacoustics and Augmented Reality (AR). Signal Recovery can be traced back to the field of aerospace science and technology. X-Spatial established a proprietary media transmission database and accurate distortion mathematical formula through numerous research and experiments, filling up missing details of the sound in the course of transmission by recovering three-dimensional sound field from distorted two-dimensional sound source through reverse computations. On the other hand, X-Spatial realizes that sound from different directions have to change the angle when entering the eardrum, while the pattern and shape of the acoustic waves will also be altered accordingly. The brain identifies the direction and location of the sound source exactly through the analysis of these sound waves with different shapes.

“Therefore, X-Spatial takes advantage of the psychoacoustics to utilize sound waves with various shapes as the carrier of the sound source into the eardrum, forming a three-dimensional sound field and “tricking” the brain to make an interpretation that the audience is hearing a seamless three-dimensional sound field. For Augmented Reality, X-Spatial “excites” certain parts of the human brain which are particularly sensitive to sound through Music Sensitivity and & Perception Enhancement (MSPE) effect, so that listeners can better capture the exquisite emotional expression of the music to have a greater enjoyment of the music.”

Mr. Daniel Chiu, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of X-Spatial said, “We are delighted that “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” technology is highly recognized by different experts in the industry, and believe that this cutting-edge technology derived from the research of aerospace science technology will bring the audio technology to a greater realm. I have been researching on Wizor technology since 2004, and up to now, “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” is already a very mature technology, which can be widely applied into the production of hardware devices and video products. Currently, “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” is employed at cinemas and performance venues in Hollywood, Hong Kong and the Mainland, including Dick Clark Screening Room and Charles K. Kao Auditorium at Hong Kong Science Park and so on.

“Our technology was selected by “Beyond Skyline”, the Hollywood-based science fiction film featuring special effects, for post-production, indicating that “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” is recognized by the world’s leading filmmakers. Through collaboration with Zhuijang Film and Beijing Forbidden City, our distribution in cinemas of Greater China will be accelerated, and our technology will be further promoted to a greater number of movies for their production, so as to actualize the dual channel development of cinema and movie content production.”

The application of “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” is extensive, not only for audio and video contents, but also for hardware devices. For audio and video content, “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” can be used in original sound recording and sound mixing system in production of movies, TV series, music video and internet video, enhancing the sense of space and level of the sound quality. For hardware devices, “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” is applicable not only to professional hardware equipment like cinema audio systems, but to concert halls and conference halls, KTV audio systems, radio front-end systems and Internet TV front-end systems and so on, and also directly applicable to consumer electronics. Besides, X-Spatial is also preparing to launch Bluetooth speakers, portable audio system processors, headphones and speakers under its own brand, so that the public can enjoy the vibrating ultra-realistic acoustic sound at any time.

Distribution across cinemas and in content production are important areas of future development for X-Spatial. Being a playback plug-in, “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” alters the cinema audio system, including Dolby, IMAX, Auro and DTS: X, which means it is compatible with existing audio deployment to optimize the overall sound performance, leading to even more meticulous detail and a clearer sense of level, as well as highlighting the sense of three-dimensionality and enhancing the performance of medium-high frequencies. The cooperation agreement with Zhuijang Film, FeeFaan Cultural and Beijing Forbidden City is a milestone for the Company to strategically enter the cinema market in the Mainland.

The China Film South Cinema Circuit under Zhuijang Film is one of the top cinema chains in China, and the leading cinema chain in Guangdong. As of November 2016, it had 515 cinemas, 2,802 screens, with yearly box office of RMB 2.976 billion in 2015, and stably stayed in the list of leading cinema chains in China. Meanwhile, Beijing Forbidden City is a large professional movie and television production company engaging both in planning, production and marketing, with a total of more than 30 movies and more than a thousand sets of TV series. Its television series won several national awards including Huabiao Awards, the Best Works Awards, Golden Rooster Awards, Hundred Flowers Awards and Golden Eagle Award, while its movies also won various international film awards in Cairo, Moscow and Tokyo. The powerful strength and background of its partners will help “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” to expand its market in the Greater China, achieving continuous expansion of the coverage network.

“Today, the global grand launch of “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” has an iconic meaning! Looking ahead, we will work on cinema distribution and movie content production as the drive to deepen strategic alliance and speed up industry distribution, promoting the implementation of collaboration of cinema and movie production, so that more people will know and enjoy the revolutionary acoustic experience of “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics”.

“At the same time, we will use the consumer electronics as an opportunity to enter the retail industry, promoting offline sales through online business, so that the public can bring home the sound effects of the cinema. We believe that “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” will disclose the charm of original sound to the world through its breakthrough performance, and become the new industrial standard of the global audio industry!” concluded Mr. Clarence Wong, Director and General Manager of X-Spatial.

About X-Spatial Media Technology Limited

X-Spatial Media Technology Limited is a media technology company specialized in audio sound system powered by “Wizor” to create an extraordinarily “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” environment. Premised on aerospace and psychoacoustic theories, “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” is able to recover the three-dimensional sound field from distorted two-dimensional sound source and reproduce a live-like sound image with a 360-degree sound field. This 4D surround sound can “prompt” human brain to believe the man is hearing a 3-dimensional surround sound with a 4th-dimensional Musical Sensitivity & Perception Enhancement (MSPE) acoustic effect, which enhances human brain’s sensitivity to audio reception. “X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics” cover a wide range of applications, from professional recording & mixing system, cinema audio system to various consumer electronic devices, aiming to provide a powerful audio experience that makes sounds come alive with breath taking realism. Currently, it has already made inroads into both the Greater China cinema market as well as Hollywood. For more details, please visit: http://www.x-spatial.com.hk/.   

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