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Y2K Fashion, Popular at the Turn of the Century, Makes a Comeback

(image: Shinsegae International Inc.)

(image: Shinsegae International Inc.)

SEOUL, June 19 (Korea Bizwire)Y2K, which refers to the clothing and aesthetic trends from the late ’90s and the year 2000, is the leading fashion trend this summer.

According to fashion and cosmetics retailer Shinsegae International Inc., fashion items such as crop tops, exposing the midriff, and wide-legged jeans that were popular at the end of the century, are making a comeback.

Particularly, teenagers are showing a preference for crop tops that bare the stomach and wide-legged jeans.

This summer, vests, hooded t-shirts, and jackets with crop top lengths have been released, while the combination of knee socks, hairpins, and platform sneakers has gained popularity.

In terms of denim, washed-out light blue and unwashed dark blue have become common trends.

Amidst the retro fever, the fashion market has been flooded with denim miniskirts featuring a frayed hem and wide-legged dark blue shorts that cover the knees.

Cargo pants with pockets, which were popular at the turn of the century, have returned in the form of cargo skirts and shorts, boasting a sporty look this summer.

“Y2K style is enjoying broad popularity since it evokes nostalgia for Generation X while bringing a sense of strange freshness to teenagers and those in their 20s,” said Shinsegae International.

Ashley Song (ashley@koreabizwire.com)

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