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Asia’s Largest Drone Expo Opens in Busan, Showcasing the Future of Drone Technology

the 2024 Drone Show Korea

BUSAN, Mar. 7 (Korea Bizwire) – Asia’s largest drone exhibition, the 2024 Drone Show Korea, has commenced at the BEXCO exhibition center in Busan, showcasing the current and future advancements in drone technology.

Now in its eighth year, the exhibition has been organized on an unprecedented scale. Participants from 10 countries, totaling 228 companies, are presenting their diverse technological capabilities.

The exhibition highlights ‘convergence cases’ across various industries facilitated by drones and introduces the manifold values that the latest technologies can bring to our daily lives.

The Ministry of National Defense displayed the ‘AI-based Manned-Unmanned Combined Combat System,’ a key element of Defense Innovation 4.0.

the 2024 Drone Show Korea


The Army showcased its ‘Army TIGER Power’ and ‘Dronebot’ equipment, the Navy introduced the ‘AI-based Maritime Manned-Unmanned Combined Combat System’ in preparation for future maritime warfare, and the Air Force revealed the vision and capabilities of aerial unmanned systems.

Several domestic companies also unveiled a range of innovative technologies. Korean Air drew significant attention with its mass-produced medium-altitude UAV, leading a lineup that included manned-unmanned combined systems, novel concept UAVs, and AI-based swarm drones.

Soomvi made its first domestic unveiling of its second generation PAV air taxi and ‘CAV’ equipment for transport and attack, capable of carrying a 100kg payload.

Pablo Air presented eight types of drone bodies, emphasizing autonomous swarm control and advanced control technologies.

the 2024 Drone Show Korea

Vessel Aerospace debuted a new VTOL UAV, while Poongsan displayed multipurpose combat drones, ammunition dropping drones, micro-intelligent drones, and 40mm self-destructing drones among its array of military drones. 

In addition to the exhibition, the event will feature a variety of side activities including a fireworks drone show, an AI Drone Challenge, drone basketball experiences, and drone racing.

Hosted by Busan Metropolitan City; the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy; the Ministry of Science and ICT; the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport; and the Ministry of National Defense, and organized by BEXCO and the Korea Unmanned System Association, the event will run for three days until March 8.

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