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Cambodians in Gwangju Rally for Democracy Back Home

(image: Yonhap)

(image: Yonhap)

SEOUL, Jul. 30 (Korea Bizwire)Cambodians currently residing in South Korea staged a large-scale candlelight vigil on Saturday, longing for democracy in their home nation.

The vigil was held at the May 18 Democracy Square in the city of Gwangju, the birthplace of the Korean democratic movement in 1980.

According to an estimate by vigil organizers, approximately 5,000 Cambodian workers and spouses of Koreans participated in the peaceful demonstration calling for the resignation of Hun Sen, the prime minister of Cambodia who has been in power for the last 33 years.

The Cambodians sang a translated version of “Marching for Our Beloved,” which was the theme song for the Korean democracy movement at the very same venue nearly 40 years ago.

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2 thoughts on “Cambodians in Gwangju Rally for Democracy Back Home

  1. samir sardana

    Y use the Khmer ? They are a cursed and doomed race !

    The History of the Khmer Nation was accursed from the time that the Khmer Niggers adopted Hindooism !

    The race of the Dindoo Hindoo Campoochee Limpet Limpdicks,is origined from the “mongrel skinned Dindoo” Hindoo Bindoo Limpdicks, of “South and East India”

    According to the legend,which appeared in Cambodian inscription,”Kaundinya, landed in Funan” or NOKOR PHNOM, drove his spear, which he had obtained from the god into the ground and married Soma or Liu Yeh, daughter of the Serpent king.
    In the early Chinese account, Huntien (Kaundinya) shot an arrow from his bow, frightened the sylvan queen and married.
    According to Cambodian legend, Preah Thong, “son of a king in India”, chased from his home, went to Kok Thlok (Cambodia ), made war and seized the throne and married a naga princess.
    The Serpent king helped him to create a Kingdom and changed its name to Kambuja.
    A grain of historical truth in these accounts seems to be that an “Indian Brahman, who took the name of Kaundinya”, whom the Chinese call Huntien, married a Khmer or native

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  2. samir sardana

    One of the most rmis-understood and reviled personalities in Khmer history is Pol Pot – the communist educated in Paris.

    Who were the targets of Pol Pot ? It was the Vietnamese Yuon and the “Other Khmer” – on basic principles of exploitation and burden on the scarce resources and society.

    Besides taking over Khmer land and timber ( as a compensation for the war on the Khmer Rouge), there are millions of Viet yuon settled in Khmer land – as traders – and not manufacturers or industrialists. They are also the hidden voters of Hun Sen and the eyes and ears of Viet Int.

    The Viet contribution to the nation of the Khmer is Nil and if the Khmer cannot do, what the Viets do – then the Khmer do not deserve a nation.Even the Rubber and timber goes back to Vietnam for processing.


    The Thais are on the Thai-Khmer border with rice mills and other industries and the concessional power sold by the Thai Grid.Inspite of that,the marginal Thai Population is settled only near the border areas

    The Chinese have built the infra,ports,SEZ,roads and whatever little industry exists in Khmer land.Like in Thailand – the Han Chinese control the trade,commerce, manufacturin etc.Even in so called Muslim nations like Indon-ass-eeah, all that works,from Railways to bureaucracy is due to the Han Chinese

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    History has shown that the Mongol DNA was always superior to the Indian DNA (which is a mongrel DNA – as there is no such thing,as an Indian DNA)

    POLPOT targetted these vermin – Khmers with Indian DNA.If you look at the photos of S-21, you will see these people and the Viet Yuon.

    As time passes these vermin will get morre obsolete and more violent – and will be completely taken over by the Viet Yuon, Hans, PRC and the Thais.

    Basically,every one is waiting for Hun Sen to die.

    Pol Pot was the only man who spotted the verminage in the Khmer nation – which none spotted or spoke about – let alone acted upon.dindooohindoo


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