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Contracted Workers Left Out of Many Fringe Benefits

(image: KobizMedia/ Korea Bizwire)

(image: KobizMedia/ Korea Bizwire)

SEJONG, Jan. 18 (Korea Bizwire)Non-permanent contract workers are excluded from a number of fringe benefits given to regular employees, disadvantaging them in pay and vacation days, government data showed Thursday.

Only 31.7 percent of contracted workers were given paid vacations as of August last year, according to an inspection of the economically active population by Statistics Korea. This compares with 75.7 percent for permanent workers. Types of paid vacation included holidays, yearly vacation and maternity leave.

The improvement of such benefits was slower for contracted workers than for regular employees.

Compared with inspection results from August 2007, the number of permanent workers getting benefits increased 14 percentage points. For non-regular workers, the increase stopped at 3 percentage points.

Bonus payments were also different for the two groups. While 86.2 percent of permanent staff received bonuses, only 39.1 percent of part-time workers did. Compared with 10 years ago, the figure rose 16.4 percentage points for the former and 8 percentage points for the latter.

Overtime pay was paid to 59.2 percent of regular workers, up from 54.2 percent in 2007. It was paid to 24.2 percent of non-regular hires, not much different from the 23.8 percent in 2007.

According to the statistics, 87.8 percent of permanent workers received severance payment compared with 41.5 percent of their non-permanent colleagues.


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