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Hyundai Motor Releases New G80 Luxury Sedan


SEOUL, July 7 (Korea Bizwire) – Hyundai Motor’s latest luxury sedan, the Genesis G80, finally hit domestic showrooms on Thursday. The Genesis G80 is a rebrand of the existing Genesis sedan, which was developed before Genesis was spun off as a separate luxury brand. 

The sedan comes in four trims – 3.3 GDi Luxury, 3.3 GDi Premium Luxury, 3.8 GDi Prestige, 3.8 GDi Finest – and starts at 48.1 million won ($41,600). 

According to Hyundai, the G80 features much more elaborate exterior and interior design, while implementing a significantly improved intelligent safety system. The model was first unveiled at the 2016 Busan International Motor Show, and a total of 11,200 customers have applied for a preliminary purchase.

Hyundai will also be operating a ‘G80 Brand Experience Center’ until September at the Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul, while arranging special exhibition halls for consumers to experience G80 models in all colors and options.



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