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India Selects Korean as Secondary Language

Hyderabad, the capital of southern India's Telangana state. (image: Pixabay)

Hyderabad, the capital of southern India’s Telangana state. (image: Pixabay)

SEOUL, Aug. 3 (Korea Bizwire)The Korean language has been selected as an official secondary language in India, to be included in the country’s public education curriculum.

The Indian government announced new education plans on Thursday, adding the Korean language, along with Thai, Portuguese, and Russian, to the recommended list of secondary language courses.

“More foreign terminology should be included in school curriculum and related publications,” said the Indian government, as they explicitly mentioned Korean, along with English, French and German, as examples.

Initially, the Korean language was not included in the secondary language curriculum, according to the first draft submitted by India’s Preparatory Committee on Education Policy Amendment.

In response, the South Korean Embassy in India and the Korean Cultural Center approached the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Human Resource Development to relay the necessity of including the Korean language in the public education curriculum.

“India’s decision to add the Korean language to the official school curriculum symbolizes the importance of Korea-Indian relations,” South Korean Ambassador to India Shin Bong-kil said.

“We hope that this will signal an opportunity to promote Hindi and Indian culture in South Korea as well.”

The Korean Cultural Center plans to select 23 students for the Korean language course for instructors, to be held from Aug. 17 to Dec. 24.

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22 thoughts on “India Selects Korean as Secondary Language

  1. Priya. T. S

    I would really like to learn Korean language. This is very helpful for those who want to learn other foreign language. Tq

  2. Shankari K

    I basically Like korean language and die hard fan of their movies and dramas, I appreciate this Scheme by Government

  3. sneha

    i love korean language alot I’m learning korean ( by my self online ) and sincerely found it bit difficult but as government announced to make korean a SECONDARY language in government schools this will gonna be much more easier now to learn korean i really appreciate this action and I’m thankful too

  4. Bandita Das

    I’m really happy that the government took this initiative of introducing Korean language as secondary language in Indian. I myself love this language very much and I would surely like to learn this language.

  5. Rupali Wadekar

    I really tnk to government that they suggested including Korean language and this will be very helpful to build very good relationships between nations and to make aware of two different cultures

  6. Pabst

    Sure come a long way! Was born in 60s Seoul and never in my life expected something like this. Global people wants to learn…. See what happens in another 30 years. Hang tight folks!

  7. Sudeshna sikdar

    I’m so happy I really wanted to learn Korea language now after reading this my dream become true yepp… Salanghea taehyung

  8. Myeisha

    I’m really happy that the government took this initiative to add Korean language…through this people can understand the Korean culture as well. I personally like the Korean culture as well as the language…I would really like to learn it

  9. Drishti vankudre

    I m very much happy that indian government takes an initiative to take korean language as secondary language as if my dream come true .. in this lock down period I was already learning korean language online from youtube and it was not easy to understand this is the best news of my life….. Bts army

  10. Sidra

    Can you please select me I’m from Vijayawada,Andhra Pradesh I would love to learn the korean language I’m also seeing websites where I can learn the language,but I couldn’t find one,I would love to be ur student,hope you keep me in your mind

  11. Fungkha Narzary

    I am very happy to know this cause it will be helpful to communicate with Koreans and also we will know about Korean Culture as well. I am very happy by this decision made by our government .

  12. Durgesh bhagat

    As a K-pop and k-drama lover I really appreciate this and really happy for those who want to learn Korean it will be much fun and exciting to learn this language because it’s beautiful and easy on itself. Let’s wish that it will allow as soon as possible in India. So that we chat with our Korean oopa


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