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K-pop Group f(x) Member Sulli Departs from All Her Showbiz Activities, Why?

Sulli will take a rest from the entertainment business. (image: Glenn Batuyong/flickr)

Sulli will take a rest from the entertainment business. (image: Glenn Batuyong/flickr)

SEOUL, July 26 (Korea Bizwire)Sulli, a member of one of the most popular K-pop girl groups “f(x),” announced that she will take a rest from the entertainment business. What made her to decide to do so?

One of the most liked girl group members in Korea and the outside world has lately been harassed with rumors and scandals. Recently, as a picture of Sulli and a member of Korea’s most famous hip-hop duo, Choi Ja of Dynamic Duo, holding hands and walking down on a street with matching shoes gets disseminated widely through social network sites, a scandal between the two celebrities went viral.

The talent agencies of both Sulli and Choi Ja immediately denied any romantic relationship between the two, and officially announced that they were “just friends, not lovers.” Nevertheless, the suspicion kept swelling tirelessly on the web and Sulli has received some unbearable malicious comments and rumors, many of them very harsh for a young woman who just turned into her 20.

When the news spread out Sulli had to take an emergency treatment for stress-caused stomach ache, demeaning and sexually-harassing comments and rumors peaked throughout the Internet.

SM Entertainment, Sulli and the group f(x)’s agency, took a hard stance against the rumors, saying, “We are ready to take legal actions against the disseminators of vicious and falsified rumors of Sulli,” but the agency’s effort was not enough to completely eradicate already proliferated rumor.

By the time when the scandal was about to wither, another incident took place that invigorated the gossip mill once again. A picture of Choi Ja’s wallet posted by one Internet user claiming that he has stumbled upon the wallet re-fueled the suspicion of love affair between the two celebrities as the picture of the wallet showed a photo of him and Sulli, posing intimately for the picture, stickered on the inside of the wallet.

While Choi Ja and his duo member appeared in TvN’s “SNL Korea” and made a self-deprecating comedy bit regarding his carelessness, Sulli suddenly pulled herself out from all of the activities of f(x), who have been active in promoting for their recently launched third album, saying that she had caught an vicious flu. The two scandal parties’ contrasting reaction to the incident has been the hot topic in the online community.

Finally, SM Entertainment announced on July 25, “Sulli has suffered a lot and is exhausted from vicious comments on the web and fabricated rumors of her and expressed her wish to take a rest from entertainment for a while. For the time being, f(x) will perform without Sulli in upcoming schedules, as well as in the “SM Town Seoul Concert” to be held in August 15.”

By J. H. Kim (jhkim@koreabizwire.com)

11 thoughts on “K-pop Group f(x) Member Sulli Departs from All Her Showbiz Activities, Why?

  1. Sakurafina

    i’m a hardcore fan of F(x) it’s hard for me to see there’s only four of them without sulli… i think people shouldnt be treat her like that, she’s only a human like us, yes human have feelings both good and bad, we’re not perfect, why people treat her like that? if they have time judging people, why don’t they judge themselves first?

  2. carielle louise

    stay strong Sulli, don’t think about that stupid false rumors about you. aja!!!!
    (^_^)v sulli fans club

  3. aeone mori

    yeah i agree with u sakurafina, they don’t have the rights to judge sulli, maybe they are the bashers of choi sulli so that’s the reason why they act like that. f(x) is my favorite kpop group of girls because they are so beautiful and pretty specially krystal jung and sulli choi, :)

  4. kcllyn joy oliver separa

    i’ m a truly fan of f(x) group and I really like CHOI JIN RI or best known SULLI ,,I feel sorry for her ..stay strong sulli ,,they ‘re just a basher . wish you comeback soon.. F(X) group turn down without you. saranghae and mianhae

  5. wafa ansary

    sulli choi is my one and only favorite kpop girls,… don’t give up sulli choi, stay strong… fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love f(x) group..


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