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Koreans in London Outraged by Restaurant’s Use of Japanese Imperial Flag

Sugoi JPN has been using the controversial Rising Sun Flag on almost all of its platforms. (Yonhap)

Sugoi JPN has been using the controversial Rising Sun Flag on almost all of its platforms. (Yonhap)

SEOUL, Jan. 28 (Korea Bizwire)A Japanese food franchise in London sparked controversy when its company logo included a rendering of Japan’s imperial-era flag.

Facebook communities of Koreans residing in Britain were infuriated by Sugoi JPN, a Japanese and South American food franchise, for using the symbol of Japanese imperialism often viewed in the same light as Nazi Germany’s Swastika.

Sugoi JPN’s website said the chain was founded by a Venezuelan couple in 2018, partnering with a Japanese head chef.

The restaurant chain has been using the controversial Rising Sun Flag on almost all of its platforms, including the company website, social media accounts, signage, and even packaging.

The flag was also found in London’s underground, where the restaurant put up advertisements.

Koreans who discovered the problem online posted complaints on the restaurant’s webpage and Instagram account.

The restaurant, in response, has been deleting comments and messages about the use of Japanese imperial flag, and refusing to answer the phone.

Following persistent complaints from Koreans, the restaurant posted a Instagram story claiming that the Rising Sun Flag is not an expression of political statement nor a symbol of militarism.

Their arguments are similar to those made by the Japanese government, claiming that the Rising Sun Flag is no more than a traditional Japanese emblem.

Last year, Sugoi JPN uploaded a post on social media supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States and opposing racial discrimination.

“They talk about fighting racial discrimination, while insisting on using the symbol of Japanese militarism and imperialism. Many Koreans are infuriated by their hypocrisy,” said Lee Dong-yun, a Korean who is currently studying in Britain.

M. H. Lee (mhlee@koreabizwire.com)

4 thoughts on “Koreans in London Outraged by Restaurant’s Use of Japanese Imperial Flag

  1. emi

    The accusation is completely absurd and illogical.

    Japanese flags are chosen after Japan opened the nation in late 19th century. Both Japanese national flag (rising sun w/o radial stripes) and military flags (rising sun w/ radial stripes) are chosen nearly same time and are still Japanese official flags.

    You must respect Japanese sovereignty and stop harassing us. The Koreans never appreciate Japanese contributions to the infrastructure development of the Korean Peninsula a century ago. The Koreans never appreciate Japanese companies’ contributions by hiring Korean workers and provide them with salaries over the past century. The Koreans steal large sums of money accepted from Japan both in 1965 and in 2015 agreements, but always breach them.

    The Japanese were too generous and patient on the Koreans’ excessive harassments against Japan. The countries’ relationship was almost always unilateral. Japan has provided Korea with investments and job opportunities. But Koreans forget all the benefits and manipulate the whole history, in order to hate and discriminate against Japan. Koreans always deprive benefits from others but not provide others with benefits. This is a fundamental violation against international laws.

    In the future, Japan should seek ‘mutual benefits’ with other nations, NOT with South Korea, which is extremely impolite against the Japanese.

    Truly Yours, Emi

  2. T

    Firstly let me say that I am not even Korean.

    This is the typical vomit that the japanese policy makers wish their citizens spew – always spin the facts or omit the truth to portray japanese as the victims. I really pity you, your policy makers have engineered you education to emit reality and history from all you have learned growing up.

    The fundamental idea of this restaurant is a joke and almost laughable. It would be as if a two Africans opened up a Nazi themed restaurant and this was supported by Germans as jews across the world complained.

    Flags aside, your statement “you must respect japanese sovereignty and stop harassing us” reflects you have not been educated about history. May I remind you about the japanese harassment (invasion) of China (most recently in 1937), the japanese harassments (invasions) of korea which have basically been ongoing since the late 1500s, and the japanese harassments (invasions) of Hong Kong, the Phillipines, and most of Southeast Asia starting from 1941. Japan and it’s people arent really in a historical position to be talking about respecting other nations sovereignty.

    Your notion of japanese companies “hiring” Koreans is also pathetic and naive. It is common knowledge by everyone (except evidently japanese people) that this was forced labour for the betterment of none other than the japanese empire. The infrastructure was built within the realm of the then empire using forced labour.

    Japan has offered apologies namely to South Korea with reparations, but these were accepted by idiot heads of state (ie. Most recently Park Geun Hye who is now in jail) which were not reflective of the peoples will. At any rate apologies from the japanese government mean nothing when japanese policy makers continuously act and speak out purpoting the virtues of the old imperial empire without any repercussions from their superiors. Former idiot mayor of osaka toru hashimoto and abe visiting yasukuni shrine are just a few examples.

    You should know both sides of the story before you make cantakerous, ill-witted comments.

    • kaz

      There is no clear record of what you are saying. The testimony of the comfort women is completely not true because the things that they explained were not found in Japan at that time, such as being taken away on a jeep, transported on a helicopter, and raped by many soldiers at Christmas.
      You need to understand Korean’s character. They are tend to attack others even if there is no legitimacy when they protect themselves. You can see it by comparing the testimony video of the Korean government and the testimony video of the Japanese government regarding the radar irradiation incident of the Korean warship against the Japanese patrol aircraft.
      This is one of the typical example.

      • J

        Remember, everything you see, hear, and feel is your country’s system.
        In the Soviet and American Cold War systems, what Japan did could easily be justified and buried.
        Also, it is very wrong for you to judge the character of Koreans at will.


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