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Lotte Cinema Introduces ‘Random Square’: An Immersive Exhibition Redefining the Movie Experience

Visitors to the immersive exhibition 'Random Diversity: The Movie' at Random Square in Lotte Cinema World Tower explore the intricate connection between emotions and colors through analysis. (Image courtesy of Yonhap)

Visitors to the immersive exhibition ‘Random Diversity: The Movie’ at Random Square in Lotte Cinema World Tower explore the intricate connection between emotions and colors through analysis. (Image courtesy of Yonhap)

SEOUL, June 16 (Korea Bizwire) — LOTTE Cinema enhances the customer experience by introducing the innovative ‘Random Square’ experiential exhibition, utilizing its theater space.

On Friday, LOTTE Cinema will debut ‘Random Square’ at LOTTE Cinema World Tower in Jamsil, Songpa-gu, Seoul. This unique exhibition space is a collaborative effort between LOTTE Cinema and ‘Random Diversity,’ which has gained popularity among the MZ generation for its captivating experiences. The inaugural theme of Random Square, titled “Random Diversity: The Movie,” aims to celebrate the distinctiveness of various brands.

‘Random Diversity’ is an immersive exhibition that explores the connection between people’s emotions and color responses using emotional computer algorithms. It employs color extraction technology to generate exclusive colors, resulting in a convergence art exhibition. Through AI analysis of emotional data gathered from individuals’ brain waves while viewing evocative photographs, the exhibition extracts a diverse array of colors by blending them together.

LOTTE Cinema has reconstructed this concept around cinematic motifs. ‘Random Diversity: The Movie’ provides participants with an opportunity to feel like ‘movie stars’ and explore their personal preferences and emotions. Prior to entering the exhibition, visitors are required to install the Random Diversity application and use their personalized QR code to access each area.


The first area visitors encounter is the Slate Zone, where they can strike a slate, akin to those used in movie filming, in front of a camera-equipped machine. Their image will be captured and printed as a movie ticket-like souvenir. As this year’s Random Diversity centers around the theme of “movies,” the intention is to immerse visitors in a cinematic atmosphere.

The subsequent experience, titled “movie. startsWithme,” presents three customized films in both video and paper formats. The name “startsWithme” is derived from the command “startsWith,” which checks if a string begins with a specific character. Through an algorithm, the exhibition analyzes the viewer’s relationship with the movies and showcases three films released in the year of their birth.

This concept encourages individuals to reflect on their unique personal history through cinematic tributes, comparing the time period and storyline of each movie with their own life experiences.

The centerpiece of Random Diversity is the “Emotion Vaccine Frame,” a captivating exhibit that captures and displays individual emotions through colors.

By wearing VR glasses, participants are immersed in a video where numerous circular dots continuously change colors. The emotions are then measured and represented by the brain waves triggered by the video and photos registered by the participants. As a memento, participants receive a ‘Vial’ containing these unique colors, resembling a bottle of consumable emotions.


‘Random Diversity: The Movie’ is also expected to appeal to the Generation MZ audience with its multitude of photo zones. Visitors can document their emotions by taking photos at the Emotion Bank.

Additionally, they can enter the monitoring space to experience being a movie star and enjoy an analog photo zone. Lastly, there is a shutter baptism photo zone where visitors can bask in the spotlight, simulating the feeling of attending a movie premiere. Lotte Cinema intends to provide an immersive experience akin to being an actor at a film premiere.

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