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Online Retailers Introduce Eco-friendly Delivery Services

Hello Nature's Green Box. (image: Hello Nature)

Hello Nature’s Green Box. (image: Hello Nature)

SEOUL, Apr. 18 (Korea Bizwire)Online retailers in South Korea are scrambling to offer eco-friendly delivery services as environmental awareness is spreading among local consumers.

Hello Nature, a South Korean online food market, announced on Wednesday that it will replace all delivery materials with boxes made of recyclable woven polyethylene and ice packs made of 100 percent organic materials.

Hello Nature will deliver products in a ‘Green Box.’ Customers will be able to leave the boxes in front of the door, and the company will pick them up as they deliver the next ordered product.

The Green Box is durable, cooler than conventional styrofoam boxes, and can be used multiple times. The box also comes with a zipper to minimize the use of extra materials in the packing and delivery process.

Hello Nature, once it gathers the boxes, will send them to a professional cleaner to reuse them in the next delivery.

CJ ENM O Shopping's Eco Tapeless Box. (image: CJ ENM O Shopping)

CJ ENM O Shopping’s Eco Tapeless Box. (image: CJ ENM O Shopping)

CJ ENM O Shopping, the home shopping unit of South Korean conglomerate CJ Group, also plans to introduce an ‘Eco Tapeless Box,’ an eco-friendly packaging material composed entirely of paper.

The box can be assembled without glue or tape, which can reduce emissions of harmful substances as well as make it easier for recycling.

CJ O Shopping said that while eco-friendly packing is 20 percent more expensive than conventional methods, it will insist on its ‘eco-friendly packages’ to fulfill its corporate social responsibility to protect the environment and bring satisfaction to its customers.

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