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Siemens and Asan Medical Center Co-develop CT Scan Method for Children

(image: Siemens Healthineers)

(image: Siemens Healthineers)

SEOUL, Jul. 3 (Korea Bizwire)Medical technology giant Siemens Healthineers and Seoul’s Asan Medical Center have joined hands to develop a CT scan technology that makes it easier for doctors to take a CT scan of children who have a hard time holding their breath.

Existing CT technology is based on scans made in tune to heartbeats.

The retrospective ECG gating method used for adults is relatively high in radiation exposure, making it unsuitable for children.

The prospective ECG triggering method, which has lower radiation levels, is a longer process.

In addition, because the scan is prone to be shaken when patients breathe, it may be difficult to be used on children who may not be able to hold their breath for a long period of time.

To find a solution to this predicament, Siemens Healthineers and Asan Medical Center have been carrying out research on the matter since 2009.

As a result, Prof. Gu Hyeon-wu analyzed the CT scans of 870 children below the age of five since 2010 to come up with a CT scan method that can be activated in tune to a young patient’s breathing.

This allows for high-quality scans on children who no longer have to hold their breath, preventing them from being exposed to high levels of radiation.

Results of the research were published in the July edition of the international medical journal “Pediatric Radiology.”

Gu said that he expects the new CT scan method to allow for the precise diagnosis of illness in addition to raising safety levels for the patient.

“Since CT scans are possible while the patient is breathing, the technology can also be utilized to check lung functions,” added the professor.

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