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Small-size Home Appliances Gain Popularity amid Economic Recession


SEOUL, Nov. 9 (Korea Bizwire)South Korea’s home appliance makers are targeting consumers with small-size home appliances amid the economic downturn.

LG Electronics Inc. released the new LG Dios Dishwasher Objet Collection for 6 People, which can be installed in a smaller kitchen.

It is suitable for households with one or two people, and kitchens that are too small to accommodate the company’s dishwasher for 12 people.

The new dishwasher for six is priced at 890,000 won (US$651), which is two-thirds of the price of the 12-person dishwasher.


Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics Co. has sold more than 140,000 units of its new Bespoke Cuker, a multipurpose cooking machine that combines a microwave, toaster, grill and air fryer since it was released in July of last year.

Originally priced at around 500,000 won, the Bespoke Cuker can be purchased for a mere 10,000 won if customers subscribe to a monthly food ingredient delivery program.

Image Credit: LG Electronics Inc. / Samsung Electronics Co. /

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