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SNU Hospital, Kakao Develop ‘COVID-19 Self-test Chatbot’


SEOUL, March 3 (Korea Bizwire)Seoul National University (SNU) Hospital said Wednesday it had provided Kakao Corp., the operator of South Korea’s top mobile messenger KakaoTalk, with medical information and advice concerning COVID-19 self-test and at-home treatment.

On the basis of the information SNU Hospital offered, Kakao established a ‘COVID-19 self-test chatbot’ offered via the company’s KakaoTalk.

Anybody who adds the KakaoTalk ‘COVID-19 self-test’ channel can take a glance of related information through the chatbot.

Users who are undergoing at-home treatment can check if their symptoms are serious once they input their medical information into the chatbot’s medical checkup list.

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In addition to quarantine-related information, including quarantine period and precautions, the chatbot provides information on how to treat COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, sore throat and nasal congestion.

For those who are not undergoing at-home treatment, the chatbot provides instructions and precautions before and after users test positive for the virus.

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