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Starbucks Korea’s ‘I’ll Be Bag’ Gains Popularity

Starbucks Korea's ‘I’ll Be Bag’ cooling bags. (image: Shinsegae Group)

Starbucks Korea’s ‘I’ll Be Bag’ cooling bags. (image: Shinsegae Group)

SEOUL, Oct. 29 (Korea Bizwire)Starbucks Korea’s ‘I’ll Be Bag,’ a cooling bag specially designed by the coffee chain and SSG.COM for early morning deliveries, is becoming the next ‘Summer Ready Bag’ as it continues to gain popularity.

SSG.COM, integrated online shopping mall operated by retail giant Shinsegae Group, began giving out cooling bags Monday as all group subsidiaries are participating in the upcoming sales event.

South Korea’s biggest discount store chain E-Mart, a key affiliate of Shinsegae, holds a 50-percent stake in Starbucks Korea.

Customers can sign up for a bag by making a purchase of more than 200,000 won (US$175) by Saturday and registering on the event website.

As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 35,000 customers had signed up for a bag.

“We’ve allocated 100,000 bags considering that the event lasts for a week. At this rate, however, we expect that the bags will run out before the event ends,” said SSG.COM.

Last summer, Starbucks ‘Summer Ready Bag,’ a small traveler’s bag obtainable by purchasing 17 Starbucks drinks, gained massive popularity with people regularly seen lining up at Starbucks stores early in the morning.

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