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What Is the Most Favored Cosmetics Brand of Korea’s VIPs?

Sisley was named as VIPs' most favored beauty product brand, according to a recent survey. (photopresso/flickr)

Sisley was named as VIPs’ most favored beauty product brand, according to a recent survey. (photopresso/flickr)

SEOUL, July 7 (Korea Bizwire)A study shows that the VIPs’ most favored beauty product brand is Sisley. According to “Avenuel,” a monthly magazine published by Lotte Department Store, a survey conducted on 100 most valuable guests of its Jamsil store showed that the respondents favored Sisley most among other cosmetics brands.

Sulhwasoo” was the second-most favored, according to the study, and SK-II, Dior, Lancome, La Mer, and La Prairie came after on the ranking list.

The survey also revealed that these MVGs were most affected by “recommendations from acquaintances” when purchasing a skin care product, with 42 percent of them answering so. “Recommendations from store managers” (36%) and “articles from magazines” (11%) were other answers for the influential factors.

The most of them, 35 percent, answered that they acquire news on the new cosmetic items and information on trend in skin care and make-up through “direct mail from department stores.” “Advertisements on magazines” (28%) and “Direct mail from companies” (15%) came afterwards.

What was especially interesting from the survey was that 43 percent of these MVGs answered that they “do not rely on product reviews on the Internet at all,” when making decisions on cosmetics. Such results counter the consumer trend in which many consumers capitalize on the information and critique on blogs and other websites when making decisions on their purchases.

When asked “what kind of measures do you take to resolve skin troubles?” the most with 43 percent answered that they “buy functional care products.” “Visit a dermatology office” (25%), “visit an aesthetics shop” (17%), and “implement more intensified home care” (10%) were other answers that came afterward.

The most answered for cosmetic brand that they want to try other than the one they are using was La Prairie, and Sisley, La Mer, and Sulhwasoo came next in order.

An official in Lotte department said, “The survey results show that MVGs of our Jamsil store tend to always try out the bestsellers, and many depend on functional cosmetics to fix skin troubles. All the more, these consumers always try out newly launched products of their most favored brand.”

Written by J. H. Kim (jhkim@koreabizwire.com)

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