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Young Generation Shares Stories About Personal Difficulties on YouTube

(image: Pixabay)

(image: Pixabay)

SEOUL, June 3 (Korea Bizwire)An increasing number of the “MZ generation,” a Korean term referring to those aged between late 10s and 30s, are opening up about depression and other personal difficulties on YouTube.

YouTubers have typically been depicting themselves as happy, diligent characters. Some show off their wealth by introducing luxury clothes and high-end automobiles.

In contrast, YouTubers engaged in talking about their personal stories share their experiences with depression, burnout, getting fired, and other sensitive stories that aren’t normally disclosed to people other than friends.

Some of the videos have garnered more than 1 million views, gaining popularity among viewers.

Viewers are seen commenting on the videos, sending words of encouragement and consolation to the YouTubers.

Experts argue that the popularity of these videos is attributed to the honesty of the content, unlike other videos that talk about luxury and wealth.

The MZ generation’s culture of being blunt or honest, in particular, is seen to have resulted in a new YouTube culture of sharing personal stories.

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