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YouTube Stars Apologize and Delete Video After Backlash Over Mocking Korean Town

Psick Univ (Photo: a screenshot of a Youtube video)

Psick Univ (Photo: a screenshot of a Youtube video)

SEOUL, May 20 (Korea Bizwire) – The stars of the popular YouTube channel “Psick Univ”, which has over 3 million subscribers, recently visited Yeongyang County in North Gyeongsang Province to film a video. However, the video sparked outrage due to disparaging remarks made about the rural town, leading the creators to eventually apologize and remove the controversial footage.

In an apology posted on May 18, a week after the contentious video was uploaded, the Psick Univ team stated, “We apologize to everyone who was hurt. This incident will serve as a reminder for us to re-examine our social role.” Despite the apology, the backlash persists.

The channel’s subscriber count, which stood at 3.18 million, had dropped to 3.09 million as of May 19. Various online communities have been inundated with posts condemning the creators’ perceived rudeness, referencing other videos as well.

In the video, the cast members made remarks such as “The river looks like sewage” and, upon eating a hamburger bun at a bakery, commented, “Young people want to eat hamburgers, but since there are no franchise burger joints, they make do with this.” At a Korean restaurant, they mocked, “The menu lacks any distinctive flavors. If you ate this every day, that hamburger would taste like honey.”

Even a blueberry jelly purchased at a local mart didn’t escape their criticism: “It tastes like an old lady. Like chewing on an old lady’s flesh.” 

Psick Univ (Photo: a screenshot of a Youtube video)

Psick Univ (Photo: a screenshot of a Youtube video)

Controversies surrounding disparaging remarks and insensitive language on YouTube are nothing new. Last year, an official video from Gangnam District in Seoul drew criticism for a comment that said, “Stop gawking at the buildings like country bumpkins. You all look like you just came from the countryside.”

Singer Yang Joon-il also faced backlash for commenting on a female staff member who didn’t have a boyfriend, “Quick, someone chat with her. It’s a chance to buy a new car at a used car price.”

Popular mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang, with 9.9 million subscribers, had to apologize earlier this year after a video featuring comedian Kim Ji-young sparked accusations of mocking Filipino immigrant women. 

Some argue that it’s just a YouTube show and there’s no need to be overly sensitive, as the concept revolves around seeking entertainment. However, others contend that when channels amass millions of subscribers, surpassing the influence of many terrestrial and cable TV shows, the situation changes. 

“With 3 million subscribers, this is not a private conversation but a public activity,” said Seol Dong-hoon, a sociology professor at Chonbuk National University. “They have crossed a line that should not be crossed, and thus bear moral responsibility and need to apologize sincerely.”

“While TV broadcasts are regulated by agencies like the Korea Communications Commission and the Broadcasting Content Deliberation Committee, YouTube is not,” noted cultural critic Kim Sung-soo. “Social deliberation and education on healthy humor are crucial.”

Among the younger generation, there are also movements to support those affected by the insensitive remarks. An individual referred to only as Han, 29, said, “Even though I’m not from Yeongyang, I felt bad about Psick Univ mocking the town.” After learning of Yeongyang’s reputation as a prime stargazing destination, Han added, “My friends and I have decided to visit Yeongyang for our summer vacation.”

A Yeongyang County official acknowledged the sudden surge in online mentions and increased tourism inquiries, stating, “We will work harder to attract more visitors to Yeongyang County.”

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