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8 in 10 Doctors Experience Burnout due to Hard Work: Poll

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)

SEOUL, Jan. 16 (Korea Bizwire)Eight in 10 doctors in South Korea have experienced burnout symptoms, due to extreme physical and mental fatigue, a poll showed Wednesday.

The poll of 1,004 doctors, conducted online by medical information provider InterMD on Dec. 26-27, found that 80 percent of them have suffered from burnout while working hard.

In a multiple answer question about the cause of burnout, 46.9 percent cited a worsening medical industry environment, trailed by a large number of patients (41.1 percent), administrative workload (37.7 percent), night and holiday duty (36.4 percent), lengthy work hours and lack of sleep (31.7 percent), excessive demands from patients (30.6 percent), off-hour work (25.6 percent), shortage of medical staff (25 percent) and pressure over hospital revenue (15.2 percent).

Asked about their current working hours, 52.3 percent answered “adequate,” 40.9 percent “excessive” and 6.8 percent “insufficient.”

Regarding their current workload, 47.6 percent said “adequate,” 39.3 percent “excessive,” and 13.1 percent “insufficient.”

In terms of job satisfaction, 50.8 percent answered “satisfied,” with only 7.6 percent saying “very satisfied.”

Asked how their job satisfaction will change in five years, 55.6 percent forecast a reduction, 31.2 percent a little change and 13.2 percent an increase.


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