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Aged Gov’t Buildings to Be Reborn as Eco-friendly Structures


SEOUL, March 17 (Korea Bizwire)Old government buildings across South Korea will be reborn as energy-saving buildings through a green remodeling initiative.

The Government Buildings Management Office said Tuesday that it will carry out a ‘green remodeling project’ to turn all of the nation’s aged government buildings into energy-saving green buildings by 2025.

To this end, the GBMO will reinforce the insulation of wall structures and replace glass windows and doors with highly efficient and air-tight models for aged buildings including the government complex in Seoul, which was built in 1970, and the government complex in Gwacheon, south of Seoul, which was completed in 1982.

For all of the government buildings, the GBMO will introduce energy saving systems, while replacing conventional lighting with LEDs.


In addition, the GBMO will replace the old air-conditioning systems at the government complexes in Gwacheon and Daejeon with eco-friendly models. It will also install 36 electric car charging stations at the nine government complexes across the country.

The GBMO expects the green remodeling initiative to contribute to creating an energy saving effect of 1.8 billion won (US$1.58 million) per year for the government complexes.

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