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Amazon Appstore Selection Nearly Triples Year-Over-Year

According to a recent survey, 65% of surveyed developers said that the total revenue achieved on Kindle Fire is equal to, or even better than other platforms (image: andyi/ Flickr)

According to a recent survey, 65% of surveyed developers said that the total revenue achieved on Kindle Fire is equal to, or even better than other platforms (image: andyi/ Flickr)

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SEATTLE, June 16, 2014 (Korea Bizwire)–Amazon today announced that Amazon Appstore selection has  nearly tripled in the past year and developers continue to report strong  monetization from the apps they offer in the store. The Amazon Appstore  now has over 240,000 apps and games, is available in nearly 200  countries and on a multitude of devices. Additionally, Amazon Coins have  become widely popular—customers have spent hundreds of millions of  Amazon Coins on apps, games and in-app items. The broad growth in the  Amazon Appstore is enticing developers—the number of new developers  joining the Amazon Appstore per month close to doubled in the last year.  To learn more about developing apps and games for Amazon, visit

According to an IDC survey commissioned by Amazon, developers building  apps and games for Kindle Fire are making at least as much money (often  more) on the Kindle Fire platform as on any other mobile platform. IDC  conducted a survey of 360 smartphone and tablet application developers.  The survey examined developers’ experiences selling apps on the Kindle  Fire platform. Here’s what the study says:

  • 65% of developers said that Total Revenue on Kindle Fire is the same  or better than developers’ experience with other platforms.
  • 74% of the same developers said that Average Revenue per App/User is  the same or better on Kindle Fire than other platforms.
  • 76% of developers indicated that the Kindle Fire platform helps them  connect with new market segments—an important indicator that the  Kindle Fire platform can be a significant source of net-new business  and “reach” for developers at a time when new market segments may be  difficult to find on competing platforms, the study noted.

“Developers tell us that they experience improved reach, greater  monetization, and, oftentimes, higher revenue when they have their apps  and games in the Amazon Appstore,” said Mike George, Vice President of  Amazon Appstore and Games. “But this is just the beginning—we’re  building more services and capabilities for developers and more  Android-based APIs based on their feedback. Most Android apps just work  on Kindle Fire, and with an Appstore made for Android devices, Amazon’s  Appstore can help developers distribute their apps on Android devices  all over the world. It’s a great time for developers to bring their apps  to the Amazon Appstore.”

Here’s what developers are saying:

“Amazon users are very high quality users. User engagement with edjing  on Amazon is higher than on any other platform. In proportion, Amazon  users spend more time in edjing than any other platform. In  addition, the Average Revenue Per Download (ARPD) on Amazon is actually  higher than on Android.” —Jean-Baptiste, CEO, DJiT

“Getting our app on Kindle Fire was very easy and it gives developers a  great opportunity to distribute and monetize their apps. Monetization in  the Amazon Appstore jumped 100% using Amazon’s In-App Purchasing API and  Mobile Ads API in the first month since implementation.” —Daniele  Calabrese, CEO, Soundtracker

“We already develop for Android, so getting our games on the Amazon  Appstore was a real breeze.” —Paul Case, TribePlay, developer of Dr.  Panda.

Amazon Appstore includes an array of services that make Amazon the most  complete end-to-end ecosystem for developers building, monetizing and  marketing their apps and games for customers. These capabilities include:

  • The ability for app developers to use Amazon Web Services’ (AWS)  technology platform for their infrastructure needs. Building blocks  such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage  Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon DynamoDB allow developers to focus on  what differentiates their app rather than the undifferentiated heavy  lifting of infrastructure.
  • Amazon SNS Mobile Push enables developers to easily send push  notifications to Apple, Google and Kindle Fire devices using one  simple API, and easily scale from a few notifications a day to  hundreds of millions of notifications per day or higher.
  • Login with Amazon, which allows developers to easily reduce  sign-in friction for their customers by conveniently letting them  login in with their Amazon, Facebook or Google identities, leading to  higher engagement and order conversion.
  • In-App Purchasing on Kindle Fire, Android, Mac, PC and  web-based games. This enables developers to offer their digital items  in apps and games while allowing end users to simply use their Amazon  accounts to make the purchase.
  • Mobile Associates API for Kindle Fire and other Android  devices. This enables developers to merchandise millions of physical  and digital items from within their apps and games.
  • Mobile Ads, which helps developers monetize their apps by  displaying high quality, relevant display ads from brand advertisers,  including Amazon.
  • GameCircle, which includes capabilities like Achievements,  Leaderboards, Friends and Whispersync for syncing games across Android  and Fire OS, and leads to better engagement with games.
  • A/B Testing and Analytics, which helps developers across iOS,  Android and FireOS track user engagement metrics or test different  in-app experiences across iOS, Android, and Fire OS, giving developers  the tools they need to increase user engagement and monetization.


Amazon opened on the World Wide Web in July 1995. The company is guided  by three principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus,  passion for invention, and long-term thinking. Customer reviews, 1-Click  shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon,  AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire, and Fire TV are some of the  products and services pioneered by Amazon.

Source: (via BusinessWire)

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