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Comedian Park Myeong-su’ Wave Dance at “Infinite Challenge”

SEOUL, June 12 (Korea Bizwire) – In an episode of MBC TV’s entertainment program “Infinite Challenge” which was broadcast on June 7, one of its members Park Myeong-su showed off his comic wave dance.

The episode themed with “hunger,” the members had to find food by hunting or collecting in Seoul not by purchasing food from restaurants or snack bars. As they could not find any food for the whole day, they sparked off psychological warfare to get a gum provided by the production crew.

They decided to award the gum to the winner of shoe-drawing game. However, the rule collapsed due to their unlimited selfishness of their own. Meanwhile, Park stole the gum suddenly and angry Haha, another comedian, undressed Park’s primitive clothings. During the struggle, Park suddenly began the wave dance and caused the whole members to burst out into laughter.

Meanwhile, its special episode of local elections ended with explosive attentions from the audience. To maximize people’s interest in the recently held local elections, the episode elected the leader of “Infinite Challenge” for the next ten years with election campaigns and real election process among the audience.

As much as 400,000 audiences joined the election process and it proved the program is supported by people as a “national entertainment program” giving laughter to people.

After the election episode, the hunger episode was prepared to remember the poor past of Korea. Let’s appreciate the joyful fellows whose average age is 38 and their funny reality situations giving us a big laughter.

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