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Condom Machine Encourages Minors to Practice Safe Sex

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GWANGJU, South Korea, March 15 (Korea Bizwire) – A new condom machine exclusive to minors has been installed in front of an adult toy shop in Gwangju. For 100 won ($0.09), teenage customers can obtain two “vegan” (doesn’t contain animal products or components tested on animals) condoms. 

The idea was suggested by a social venture capital firm called InstinctUs to grant youths easier access to condoms, and safer sex. Although the purchase of condoms is not restricted by age, Korea’s conservative view on sex, especially among minors, has somewhat limited teenagers’ exposure to contraceptive mediums. 

The company said half of underage adolescents did not use contraception during intercourse according to 2016 data, leaving them highly exposed to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The machine is the fourth of its kind in Korea after two were installed in Seoul and one in Hongseong County, South Chungcheong Province.



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