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Delivery Robot to Offer Room Service at Hotels


SEOUL, Aug. 7 (Korea Bizwire)Dilly Tower, a self-driving robot currently under development by Woowa Brothers Corp., the operator of South Korea’s top food delivery application Baedal Minjok, or Baemin, will begin offering room service at hotels.

Woowa Brothers said Friday it started a robot delivery room service at a hotel in Seoul’s Gwangjin District.

If hotel guests scan a Baemin QR code found in their room to order food, drinks, or other products, Dilly Tower will be in charge of delivering the ordered items to the room.


“The new robot delivery room service will allow hotel guests to enjoy a variety of delivery services,” said the Woowa Brothers. “It will bring additional profits to the hotel.”

Charging the robot with delivery tasks will allow other staff to focus on different services, raising the overall quality of the services provided by the hotel.

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