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Gov’t Sets Guidelines for Department Store Employees

(image; Yonhap)

(image; Yonhap)

SEOUL, Jun. 5 (Korea Bizwire)The Ministry of Employment and Labor announced yesterday that it was implementing a measure that would nurture the well-being of employees in sales positions required to stand for long periods at departments stores and malls.

Salespersons are prone to foot problems, backaches, and stress as their jobs require long hours of standing.

The ministry, through local government offices, has been conducting campaigns this month for chairs and lounge areas to be installed for the workers. The campaign, to be featured on electronic displays, will continue until August.

At six government offices, a discussion on how to better care for the physical health of salespeople will be held.

Managers of large stores and malls will be invited to the discussion, during which model examples will be introduced along with ways for contractors and subcontractors to work better together.

The ministry will also publish manuals on the matter and distribute them to department stores and duty-free shops. The manual will outline ways to better improve the working conditions of salespeople.

In September and October, the Ministry of Employment and Labor will be inspecting large shopping venues to see if the recommended guidelines are being followed.

An official at the Ministry said that it is imperative for management to provide chairs and a proper place for workers to rest.

“The campaign and inspection efforts will hopefully help result in a more considerate work culture in the industry,” said the official.

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